The Match Makers
The Match Makers is an associate of Asia Match Company P Ltd, the pioneers and leaders in the match industry, renowned for their highly popular brand-Chavi. We believe that our products will satisfy your requirements. We welcome you with pleasure to our world of matches.

The company was established in l980 and now is the largest private company in the field of hospitality, promotional and advertising matches in India. We are fully equipped with our own manufacturing unit, printing press and laboratory for quality control all under one roof.

The list of Match Makers customers is impressive. It includes most major hotel group restaurants, airlines, travel services and advertising agencies. We have more than 50 different shapes ranging from square, rectangle, cubicle, cylindrical, cigar matches, kitchen matches and promotional matches using Indian Poplar splints. Choice of colours can be selected for the match heads.

The company's reputation has been built on the excellent quality, service and competitive price. Our products have proved to be irresistible and the name Match Makers is a household name in all star hotels in India. We look forward to supplying you from our extensive range of high quality products.