Manual picking of contamination:

Manual picking of contamination

Ensuring Contamination Free Products

  • Blow room lines with Premier contamination cleaning unit - Xeni
  • UV inspection of cops & cones before packing of yarn
  • Cobs checking at UV lamb
  • Electronic Yarn Clearers in Auto coners with SIRO clearing
Ensuring ContaminationEnsuring Contamination

Ensuring ContaminationEnsuring Contamination

Blow room lines with Gentle Treatment

  • Circular Automatic Bale plucker's
  • Mulitmixer and Uni mix machines to improve homogeneity of inputs
  • Trutzschler Scutchers
Blow roomBlow roomBlow room

To CARD well is to SPIN well

  • High Tech LC 300 A Cards
  • Trumac DK 800 Cards
  • Automatic Waste Evacuation System
Free ProductsFree ProductsFree Products

Drafting Zonesl

  • LK 54 High speed combing system
  • High Tech Toyota Hara Auto Levelers Draw frames
  • LF 1400 Roving Frame
Drafting ZoneslDrafting ZoneslDrafting Zonesl

Art of spinning

  • LR 6/S Spinning machines to spin a wide range of products from 16s to 200s
  • Super fine Spinning process for 2/200s cbd

Art of spinning

Value Added Products

  • Compact System – SUSSEN Elite compact
  • Auto coners SAVIO – POLAR
  • MURATEC -21C
  • Yarn conditioning plant - SEIGER
  • Knot free yarn process – VEEJAY TFO, Wet splicing
Value Added ProductsValue Added ProductsValue Added Products
Value Added ProductsValue Added Products

Open End Spinning

  • Oerlicon / Schlafhorst AUTOCORO S 360 a background for good denims.
  • OE yarn from 100 % cotton , P/C , 100 % Viscose to cover a wide range of Counts
    from 4s to 30s Ne.

Open End Spinning

Quality Testing

  • Yarn evenness testing – USTER TESTER 5
  • RKM single yarn strength tester –PREMIER TENSO MAX
  • Neps and Trash Instrument (NATI) from MESDAN
  • HVI Cotton testing - PREMIER ART
  • Hairiness Tester ( S3 Value) – ZWEIGLE
Quality TestingQuality TestingQuality Testing
Quality TestingQuality Testing

Condition monitoring

  • Vibration analysis
  • Belt alignment checking
  • Shaft Alignment checking
  • Temperature measurement
  • Air flow measurement and Humidity control
  • Sound level measurement
  • Illumination measurement
Condition monitoringCondition monitoringCondition monitoring
Condition monitoringCondition monitoring


  • Bankers support on working capital management & foray into new products enhances
    the operational continued effectiveness.

Human Skill

  • At the heart of Pioneer Asia Group / Sree Ayyanar Spinning and Weaving Mills Limited
    lies the dedication of their work force.
  • Key drivers behind people are passion and continuous learning.
  • In – house training combined with skill development program and outside training for
    every SAM employee to ensure competency at par with most recent Global trends


  • Micro leveler
  • Semantic Bridge
  • Close relationship with R& D teams in Schlafhorst & LMW


  • 2 papers on
  • Microleveller
  • Semantic Bridge


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