Pioneer wincon

Pioneer Wincon Private Limited (PWPL), a member company of the Pioneer Asia Group, India has over the last decade become a trusted name and an emerging market leader in wind energy. The core business consists of design, manufacture, sales, marketing and maintenance of wind power systems that harness the energy of wind to generate electricity.

The Pioneer Asia Group, which today boasts a group turnover of over Rs. 5 Bn was also the first in India to install a private wind farm connected to the TNEB grid as early as 1989. PWPL was conceived as a joint venture between the Pioneer Asia Group and Wincon West Wind of Denmark well known for their turbine generator’s simple, sturdy design and advanced power electronics optimizing it for Indian grid conditions.

Following the exit of the joint venture partners in 2003, PWPL is now a wholly owned Indian company with the design rights and the ability to manufacture and market the turbine worldwide. PWPL has corporate office in Chennai and manufacturing unit at Pondicherry. They have installations in Tamil Nadu, Andra Pradesh, Karnataka, Maharashtra and Madhya Pradesh and are ready to make marketing in-roads into Gujarat and Rajasthan. The installations spanning over 500 + turbines are supported by respective site offices.

PWPL is an ISO 9001:2000 Certified company and their strengths lie in the localization of components without ever compromising on quality and a strict adherence to project implementation timelines. Critical components to ensure safety are still imported.

PWPL has approvals from both C-WET and MNRE (Government of India) for its business in India. Their pursuit of quality led to PWPL choosing to have their 250KW.

Turbines certified by the globally renowned DET Norske Veritas (DNV) with IEC standards. They are today, market leaders in the 250KW segment and are committed to serve the nation’s long-term energy solutions in green power generation.